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  1. Samuel Johnson
  2. James Branch Cabell
  3. Montaigne's Essays
  4. Maldoror
  5. The History of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  6. Raymond Chandler
  7. Edgar Rice Burroughs
  8. William Gibson
  9. Comic Strips
  10. Comic Books

Samuel Johnson and Montaigne are stuck in here in Miscellaneous instead of among the classics because they wrote miscellanea. But I'm a Sam Johnson nut, for some reason, and I wish I could have placed a book of his among my top 10 books, but there are no Sam Johnson books, except his pedantic little oriental romance. Maldoror is nothing if not miscellaneous, and some of my favorite reading got lumped in here together with all these special interests of mine.

This seemed like the place to put the two media I've always aspired to create as a child, also; the Comic Strip and the Comic Book.