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Billie Goat Hill

The only place to hear local new wave and punk music for many years, it was located at the corner of Spring and Manchester and is now (1999) called King Louie's.

We were all glad to have at least one consistent place to play. But we were equally embarassed by the long-haired hoosier country-rock ambience of the place. It was also the unofficial headquarters of Head East, another local band who I don't remember very well but I'm sure if I heard one of their songs I'd go "Oh, yeah!".

This was what punk was like then: You'd think you were so cool and had this obsession that nobody else shared, one that most people actively hated and feared, but if you actually wanted to see a show, you had to go to a place with a lame name like "Billy Goat Hill".

It was just one humiliation after the next. I'm telling ya.