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Bowling Alleys

There was the Carriage Bowl at Kingshighway and Arsenal, where I saw the Zanti Misfits and the very first incarnation of Riot Act do a gig that was also supposed to be a dance contest, except nobody competed, of course.

Then there was the Montclair Bowl, on Clayton road near Brentwood, where I saw Brown and Langrehr play and it was really packed. Charlie tuned up his cool 60s rickenbacker guitar on stage and impressed the hell out of me with his blonde insousiance.

There were a few other bowling Alleys that hosted New Wave gigs before Billie Goat Hill or OP-P started, also. Bands would rent them out, put up a bunch of fliers in the Loop and the West End, and hope and pray that enough people would show up to break even on the rent of the room and the P.A..