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The Heels (Bevision)

Nobody ever put on a more artsy show than the Heels, true artists and showcasing the unique performance talents of the Styrene Sisters as well.

Their show at the Montclair Bowl was the finest New Wave show ever seen in the environs of Saint Louis, and I am eternally grateful that I was among the lucky few to witness with my own eyes and hear with my own ears and join in with the breath of my very lungs in the healing vigor of that precious, precious night in Illinois.

The Styrene sisters performed their art magic, and they showed films of the Heels and the Styrene sisters converting the heathen in the wilds of Africa or some such jungly zones, which resembled suburban Illinois to an amazing degree, and they passed out smeary mimeographed song sheets and we all sang along to the glory of the Rev. Peeve and the guitarist at the time, Mark, looked insane in his Bermuda shorts and calf-high black socks and penny loafers. It was all real.

They later changed their name to Be-Vision, lost the guitarist, and got to be very popular on the new wave bar circuit, even cutting a record on the obscure Blueberry Hill record label.