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Jambox Photo

Never heard of them? Don't beat yourself up over it - neither has practically anyone else.

Patrick Udell and I formed Jambox over a series of drunken all-night jam sessions with him sawing away on his violin and me whacking away on a beat-up old nylon-stringed guitar.

We eventually formed pretentions of elegance that led to delusions of future grandeur. We even made up an entire genre of music - Change Music, thank you very much.

One of our claims to fame is the time we nearly burned down a small hall called the Learning Center in the West End because the flash paper that Danny set off that kept burning behind us as we wailed away - insane, chaotic, oblivious.

There was a time when we were somewhat notorious among the new wave scene for being the worst band of all time ever seen anywhere, and I have the cassette tapes to prove it, too.