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The Oozkicks

In about 1981 these really young kids from Webster Groves caused quite a commotion on the local scene because of their entirely original sound, quality musicianship and extreme youth.

They also were represented by Alan Kalina, this old guy (maybe 30 at the time) who apparantly worked for KSHE-95 or something, and who was regarded as one of the enemy by some people in the scene, because KSHE was always, and still is, the total opposite of experimentation in rock and roll.

The Oozkicks had cropped hair with wild streaks of color like psychedelic raccoon caps and jerked their little elastic teen necks in time to their herky-jerky atonal riffs and were just the coolest thing imaginable.

They could be heard on the LP Test Patterns, put out by Jet Lag magazine. The songs on the album didn't do justice to the sound they were known for live.