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The Retros

One of everyone's favorite punk bands, I only saw them play once. I really wish I could have seen them play. Later, Chuck DeClue, the lead singer (one of the few guys who just sang, along with Mark Connelire of the Felons) was in the Obvious with me and played a few Retros song and I loved them! "Rubber Glove Love" was totally ahead of its time! "Henpecked Husband" was too.

Some other guys in this band were Don Green (guitar) and Bob (bass) and Steve (drums). These guys were all Roosevelt high school South St. Louis punks by birthright and to the core of their skinny teenaged bones. If there had been an A&R guy with half a brain in St. Louis at the time they could have been huge.

Don Hollenbeck is supposed to have some tapes of them they did in a studio at the time, but I've never heard them.

Actually, I did see them play at the Forest Park party where I saw the Camaros and the Dinosaurs, but the PA kept cutting out during their set and I couldn't remember it very well even back when it was a recent memory.