An Obvious logo. I had a few more logo type things I did for the Obvious, my punk/new wave band.

Jambox poster. My first band, which was more punk in attitude and ineptitude than many of the more well-known bands. Also, arguably the worst local band of all time.

Surgery at Bernards. This was a much-beloved poster by Tracy White, among others.

Zanti Misfits at the OP-P club. One of the many clever posters by Mark Sheridan.

An OP-P club Presh release. Featuring a photo of Johnny Rotten that Mort loved.

Life During War Time, which was a Talking Heads song and a rather alarmist little text about the streets around the OP-P club.

Malcolm's Bliss. My personal debut as a musician, with a Jambox band that included Malcolm playing congas and moaning "Yowsuh yowsuh yowsuh" into his conga mic throughout the show for some reason only he understood.

New Years, the opening night of the OP-P club. The first night of the first punk rock club in St. Louis. It was just four walls and a band, but Mort's German friend Ralph got the bathroom working just in time.

OP-P club Presh Release. We might have actually sent one of these incoherent mish-mashes out somewhere, but I don't really remember ever having the nerve to actually do it.

The Obvious played with Riot Act! One of my favorite shows, except that Wren Coleman blames me for blowing out his amplifier at this gig, which I don't remember doing.

A Jambox autograph party. I'm quite sure this party was a huge success.

A poster of an Obvious/Foolish Virgins gig.

The legendary Heels gig where we all sang paradies of Christian youth camp songs, the Styrene Sisters did their performance art thing, and Matt Gloss performed his Reverend Peeve schtick.

Life After Punk, one of our Presh releases for the OP-P club.

White Trash, a fanzine by the universally-de
sired Barbie Tao.

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