The 32 Books of Hermes Trismegistus

By Agnosteles Doughnut

  1. Mundanarith


    My first attempt at fiction, that encompasses the most primitive and naive of childhood pretensions.

  2. The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy


    Now lost, only the first crazed fragments of the Manuscript remain. A cowboy finds three beautiful women in the desert and has a massive philosophic freak out, resulting in arty, stream of conciousness ravings.

  3. The Protoplasm Trip


    The scion of the House of Protoplasm, Cisturn Flabofere, is left to fend for himself with the mad detective Beetle Brown, the wily Tendril Stowinall, and three call girls as his father, Lord Protoplasm, descends into the underworld of world literature accompanied by P. G. Wodehouse. A madcap frolic with more classical references than is healthy in a work of fiction by a teenager.

  4. Passkey to the Park Plaza


    Semi-autobiographical novel about a gang of teenaged kids sneaking into swank hotel rooms, having sex and eating fruit baskets and drinking the little pint bottles of booze left in rooms. Also available as a screenplay.

  5. The Temptation of Hermes Trismegistus


    Book length poem with footnotes. The climax of my years of poetic gibberish. Impressions of England mix with stream-of-conciousness drivel. Complete freedom, perhaps unreadable, but quite satisfying for me to write.

  6. Passing Pisses


    The London diaries, with copious rants and raves.

  7. The Punk Passion of Stanley Ray Simpson


  8. Cork


    Poems inspired by life on the streets of Ireland and South St. Louis, namely Dogtown.

  9. Hard Knocks


    Illustrated beatnik account of a young teen thrown out of the house by his divorced mother and trying to survive. Each chapter is a page; each page faces a small glyph that symbolizes the chapter. 82 Chapters, an Introduction, an afterword, and a spurious "About the author".

  10. Tunes


    Unfinished novel about a hippie band at the end of the 70s that turns punk almost without knowing it and then disintegrates into real punk, losing every trace of their original punk sound in the process.

  11. Kissy Little Types


    The definitive 80's style ad man spoof. With that piquant slant towards the less-than-glamorous world of Beer Sales Promotions and Point-Of-Purchase expertise so easy to find in the St. Louisan viewpoint.

  12. Pop goes the Proverbial Whatever


    1. World problems resolved to ghetto slang 2. Schoolhouse fragment 3. Herbie sells B-Bans 4. Spurtin' Spunk, essay 5. What it all boils down to between the sexes and the exes SS 6. 10 clever ways to cure impotence, girls! 7. Crown, essay 8.Bohemians deaf to change 9. Grim satisfaction 10. Fool drug you 11. The personal ad meets a brain 12. In defense of pornography 13. Tips for post-teens 14. Tooting my own horn 15. Punk existence 16. Reason I became a writer 17. Fragments, including "Another white male trick"

  13. North St. Louis Nights


    An examination into the processes of memory similar but not exactly like the beliefs of Jack Kerouac. A catharsis about adolescent sexual failure.

  14. My Schizo Diary


    The summation of all of my theories about the very schizophrenic nature of writing, reading what you've written and reading what someone else has written effectively splitting yourself into two beings with each word read. Features a great deal of my "Cock-assed" theories about the nature of time: Part one is set in the near past, The middle is set in the present, The last part is set in the future. Inspired by a dream and the artist Kit Keith.

  15. Hard Knocks Vol 1


    A semi-autobiographical yet completely fictional account of a teenager's descent into restaurant hell and the collapse of his belief in the American Dream.

  16. The New Beat Scene


    Poems and Shorts. 1. I Shoulda been more fucked up than I am 2. Playtime with Sheila 3. Ode to the St Louis Room 4. Immortal lyrics 5. Sheila defined 6. I love Susan Vega 7. This is the thought 8. Fool of the School 9. A new life 10. Sylvia shouldn't have (The 1st date) 11. Reading books -Schizo frag 12. Sucking 13. Blood 14. A dream 15.RAW 16 The new Anatomy of Melancholy 17. Tribal Diatribe 18. The Boofoo kid 19. Psalm 22 20. Of the half that finds it's whole. Plus more.

  17. Religious Frenzies


    Religious musings, including: Visions; Choosing; Existing as prayer; Chorus of praise; Angel babies; Corn-fed religion; Paradise Lost; 10 Leviticus; The Maccabees; God and Man (Comics); Porno Star (Comics); The devil pipes up (illuminated); After Death (Illuminated); Semi-mythical Saints and pontiffs (Illuminated); Notes on a war (Illuminated); Age rears it's ugly head (Illuminated).

  18. The Thrash in the Trash


    My attempt to subvert The Great American Novel with my bleak assessment of the punk scene in St Louis. Tone: Ironic, cynical, contemptuous, pessimistic, self-effacing to the point of sickness. The characters talk out of turn, deride the attempts of the author to describe them in anything less than the most insulting terms. Grimly defiant and proud of it's failures, the St Louis punk scene shows a certain involuntary nobility in it's refusal to glorify itself.

  19. Alan and Sally


    The realated short stories of Alan & Sally. Includes: The Porno Book; The first kid; The second porno book; The second kid; The marriage; The belt; Alan the two-bit genius; The second date; There came a moment in each fuck; Alan has a creative thought; Ann; Dear Sally; Description vs. dialogue; The current plague; Sally and the jock; No chin to speak of; Alan's first time.

    The remaining books are yet to be written as each passing year obscures my artistic vision and renders me helpless to remember the greatness each planned work inspired as I slip off quietly into darkness without completing my heroic fictional toils.

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