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Tony Patti, AKA Professor Lobotomy, AKA Hermes Trismegistus, of Jambox fame and repute, friend of Wax Theatricks and Art Director trained at Metro the Tabloid, owner of the first punk club in St. Louis, Club OP-P, or the change club, co-inventor, with Slash Brannon, of the genre Change Music, founding member of the infamous Oui-Oui Twins, bandmate and friend of the late, great Chuck DeClue in the Obvious, proud junior member of the Norty Cohen-led coterie of crazed creatives at Eisenkramer and Associates, music video pioneer with Surf's Up, Gang!,avante-garde co- auteur of Dog's Dream and director of many other television commercials, feature film dreamer with Ad Bum Bill Morris, world traveler and bon vivant trained in the european capitals in the divine art of postmodern bullshit mixed with that god-given grace that to date has never yet to fail me


My Favorites of all time
Favorite books I've added a few links to Amazon from some of my favorite books in the vain hope that someone out there will by a book based on my recommendation and earn me some money!
Favorite movies

Some have wondered, as have I, as to whether the lyrics of my many songs "stand alone." Find out if:

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My Family Snaps
Admit it! You're nosy! You like looking at baby butts! Go on, you sweaty-palmed internet pervert!

In my professional opinion as a professional Art Director who holds photography in the most intense critical scrutiny on a daily basis, these photographs (by Marnie and I) are amongst the highest quality works available for viewing on the entire internet.

New Wave Nostalgia
The defining moments of my life were wasted drunk off my ass on stage in the early 1980s. Scattered remnants from my scrapbook.


Me in the eighth grade, courtesy of classmate Debra Dickerson!

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