Here are some of the lyrics I've written in all of the bands I've been in. For the half-dozen people who noticed my modest career as a musician through the years (Bless you! God Bless you all! Sob!)


Remember Me



Fame with Patrick Udell


Hoochie Coochie Poochie with Patrick Udell

Coda To The Code Of Admirable Puff

Change Me Blues

Back To Back Again

If You Love A Lobotomy

Rock'n'Roll Party Doctor

The Oui-Oui Twins

Jailbait (Pubic Rights)

The Obvious

Low Glamour

Intelligent Love Song

The Fabulous Zantini Brothers

Top of the Pops

Party Time

Married To Royalty

The French Foreign Legion Song

It's Nice


Uberimma Fides

Love Is Pain

I'll Come If You Call


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