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The Oui-Oui Twins

Rommie Martinez approached me in 1980 to start a band with her and Alissa Feinberg called the Oui-Oui Twins. I had dollar signs dancing in front of my eyes when we started. I thought I'd won the lottery. How could we lose? Two beautiful 16 year-old girls fronting a punk rock band! It was the greatest entertainment anyone could possibly want. And their songs were hilarious and sexy at the same time.

But where was the record company to take advantage of all this talent? Anywhere but Saint Louis, that's for sure! We lasted a total of 2 gigs, one of which was a private party anyway.

Immediately after New Year's Eve at Club OP-P, Alex and Kevin came to me and said they were quitting the band and that they were forming a new band with Chuck DeClue, and did I want to be in it or not? Reluctantly, I gave up on my dream of fame and fortune with the Oui-Oui Twins, and I often wonder: Could we have still made it if I had stayed the course with the Twins?