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When it comes to new wave, as distinguished from punk rock, the first truly new wave band in St. Louis could be considered Raymilland. There were different flavors of new wave. There was the 60s nostalgia of bands like the Cool Jerks also. But Raymilland was an art rock/glam rock descendent of Roxy Music and David Bowie, and I never saw them play or remember any of their songs, but that was their reputation on the street.

By the time I opened my club they were already legends and no one was even sure that they were still around or not. They were supposed to big in Chicago.

There was a cool fanzine out of Chicago that was supposed to have printed up a flexi-disc of one of their songs. I remember seeing the magazine, which was very slick by the standards of the late 70s. I don't remember how it sounded, but I remember the peculiar quality of the lead singer's voice.