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The Obvious


The best band I was ever in, and it was stiill pretty pathetic anyway, but not because there wasn't any talent in the band.

Kevin Brueseke, the drummer, was one of the legendary Roosevelt High School punk rock drummers. He was an original member of the Camaros, and therefore an almost mythical figure on the New Wave scene in St. Louis.

Chuck DeClue, the lead vocalist, was a founding member of the Retros, another seminal St. Louis punk band, and exuded rocker cool from every pore in his body. We all thought he was so old because he was 25 when he was in this band. He wrote extremely cool songs.

Alex Mutrux, the lead guitarist, was a direct descendent of the clan that started Gaslight Square, which was the apex of cool in St. Louis during the late Beatnick and early hippie era. Before the Obvious (and the Oui-Oui Twins) he was in the scandalous band Surgery. He was also an awesome guitarist with more than a hint of heavy metal chops and country cool to his style.

This band rose immediately from the sperm-soaked ashes of the Oui-Oui Twins, which was a band I had with Alex, Kevin and my brother Gus that could have never lasted because it was too cool to exist, what with two beautiful teenaged girls wailing in front of everybody and not giving a shit about how awful it all was in perfect punk abandon.

We played around town a little. We did some interesting covers, like "We love you" by the Pschedelic Furs and some cuts from "We're only in it for the money" by the Mothers of Invention.

We also did an 8mm movie the same length as our song "Surf's Up, Gang", which a kind of Tube-Trip inspired precursor to MTV rock videos.