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The Camaros (Anti-Mation)

One of the original crowd of punk bands that turned New Wave without ever acknowledging it, except by changing their name to Anti-Mation.

Tony Carr was the leader of this band, and wrote the songs. He once told me that any idiot could write a pop song just by copying different parts of different songs and putting them together with new lyrics.

Strange, I'd always relied on inspiration. But Tony didn't like me that much anyway, and was contemptuous of my Club, because it was such a dump. I'll never forget him and his girlfriend at the end of a night at OP-P, telling me that what people really wanted was condos in West county, not a thrash in the west end trash. It was really strange.

But I really got to like Tony in a way, mostly because I recognized so much of myself in him. Plus I couldn't help but admire how completely he refused to ever give a shit about whatever anybody thought of him, while still trying to impress the hell out of everybody. The fact that he could have it both ways was kind of amazing.