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The Dinosaurs

Probably the very first punk band in St. Louis, though The Retros and The Camaros were also active in the late 70s also. Oh, yeah and Max Load, too.

They definitely put out the first 45 rpm record, which I don't have anymore. I can't remember the names of all the guys in this band, and I have references on the names of the guys in the band they became later (the enormously successful Felons), so I'll just refrain from embarassing myself by guessing.

I saw them play just once at a party at someone's house on Forest Park Boulevard with the Camaros and The Retros in a tiny little dining room. This was maybe 1978 or 79.

They were really good. Raw, punk, pop, cool, and destined for immortality. Everybody wanted to make a record after they did. The record liberated us even further from the despair of the oppressive musical climate of the times.