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The Felons

When the Dinosaurs broke up most of the remaining members formed the Felons, one of the most, no, THE most successful band on the scene at this time. They are still going today, I think, though they don't play much if at all, since we are all in our 40s now and over the whole thrill of playing for no money for people who could care less.

The Felons were the first band to pick up on the ska/reggae/rockabilly thing, so they did all three sounds in one show, which was danceable and full of variety at the same time. Mark Connelire was an excellent singer, who stayed so completely in his range that we mistakenly criticized him for being on key all the time.

I was always really jealous of the Felons and never really gave them their rightful due until years later, thanks to some of the tapes and records they made over the years.

They can be heard on the album Test Patterns. They also did a record for Blueberry Hill, a local bar, and a cassette tape that I borrowed from my brother and never gave back.